Police Body Cam- The Lucky Suspect

Police Body Cam Shows A Suspect Who Shouldn’t Be Alive

In an unbelievable turn of events recorded on police body cam, this Athens, GA police officer almost takes a life while trying to detain a suspect. The officer gets out of his patrol car because he sees a man with a gun inside of a nearby car. The suspect gets out of the car and attempts to either throw the gun away, or pull It on the officer.

A foot chase follows after the officer fires off a round at the suspect, and at one point the suspect was tasered. The taser didn’t work as the suspect continues to out match the officer’s physical endurance. Athens-Clarke county sheriff’s finally arrive a few blocks away and detain the suspect without further incident.

Police body cams have become more common due to these types of interactions especially. This does two things,

  • Protect the innocent
  • Justify the need and use of lethal force
police body cam

*CLICK TO WATCH* Police Body Cam shows a dangerous encounter with police

The suspect is clearly caught doing something they shouldn’t do, and then tried to get away with it- and almost did. The officer more than likely needs to do more physical stamina training, as you’ll see at the end of the video. Fortunately ha had a radio and the help of the other officers to back him up in order to catch a menace to society. If it weren’t for this officers police body cam, the suspect might’ve got found not guilty if it went to trial.

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Normally these types of interactions take a nasty turn with somebody being shot and possibly killed. The need for firearms are just that- a NEED. Here is a prime example of that need on action. Second Amendment rights have been under fire recently due to the Parkland school shooting, and David Hogg and his horde of communists in the making perpetuating nonsense.

Is that suspect lucky to be alive, or is he a product of the “don’t touch me while I pull a gun on a cop and run away” movement? You decide.

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